day 2 - favorite quote
It was actually hard to choose only one quote because I love also Rebekah’s quotes "It’s always been me" & "…decide to quit them is like losing a part of yourself", but it really got me when Klaus said that.
It was always so clear that Rebekah was the one he loved the most. He has always been very protective of her. No one deserves his sister in his eyes. He made a promise to her when they were children - he promised to always stay with her and he kept that promise. She’s the one he wants the most by his side.
In a way it’s rare to see Klaus caring or saying something about love. He always tries to hide that part of him. But when it comes to Rebekah, he makes it very clear - there’s no one else that will love her more than he does.

Tyrion appreciation week » Day 1: favourite season → season 4

Prue Halliwell Powers
Agility is the ability to move and react quickly within close-quarters combat at incredibly high speeds and perform incredible athletic maneuvers such as superhuman flips, jumps and leaps while being able to kick, punch and throw at increased speeds through use of Telekinesis.

Klebekah appreciation week: Day 5 - Most heartbreaking moment

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Let’s get something clear. You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore.

A house of women now. Bitter old women with a taste for blood. Women do not forget. Women do not forgive.

TO Meme - [1/6] Episodes → 1x04: Girl in New Orleans

so comes snow after fire,

Fangirl challenge | Male characters » Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
"Own it, live it, love it. Stop being ashamed of who you are."

Matthew Lewis photographed by Leigh Keily for JON Magazine. x

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"So, our new motto is: less being burnt at the stake and more fun."